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Supplier of trendy mosaic and tile decor products, Douglas Jones, has released their 2017 catalogue for the ultimate in inspiration. Introducing its latest feature, the trend tracker, Tiletoria has decided to provide you with an overview of the latest trends according to Douglas Jones.

Go Natural

Inspiration from nature will always be a trend, however, what we are currently seeing within the industry is a growth towards incorporating different shapes and dimensions within the natural stone product design market. This includes making use of Herringbone, Hexagon and Pebble style tiles.

Taking this trend further is incorporating various other elements and materials such as glass and aluminium. Given our ever-increasing technological improvements, the demand for porcelain digitally printed looking wood and natural stone tiles is growing significantly.

Go Natural with Ancient Blends Go Natural with Island Stone







 Go Small

If you follow Tiletoria on Facebook, you will know that we are crazy about the subway tile trend that has become increasingly popular over the past three to five years. Adding to this already popular trend is an increase in tile size, offering endless modular profile possibilities.

Some of the more popular sizes include 60 x 240 mm, 100 x 300 mm, 75 x 300 mm and 75 x 600 mm. This trend also brings with it classical forms like Herringbone, Parquet, In-line as well as various staggered brick options.

Go Small with Glasswall Go Small with Puzzle







 Optical Manipulation

The Douglas Jones Shape Shifter series is another range of mosaic tiles that we are mad about! Our entire range of textured mosaic tiles are in demand as they offer visual plays of light as well as exceptional depth and dimension to your commercial or residential space.

Optical Manipulation with Crystal Senses Hexagon  Optical Manipulation with Lava Glass







  Fabric Cross Integration

Interior designers are increasingly searching for all-round integrated solutions to home decor, and these wallpaper and cushion type designs are being successfully replicated with tiles and mosaic. Floral and Moroccan style shapes and designs are transforming homes into vibrant spaces, while pixelated mosaic wallpapers provide a new sophisticated look on ageless wall coverings.

Fabric Cross Integration with Eco Patch Fabric Cross Integration Pattern







 Geometric Profiles and Tesselations

Interior design has evolved away from the traditional square tile and an increased focus on hexagon’s, penny rounds, fans and lantern shapes are picking up the pace. To make this trend even more interesting, these different shapes are being melded together to create fascinating tessellated interior decor. Look out for triangle shaped tiles that are going to be the next big trend in this arena.

Geometric Profiles and Tesselation with Pinnacle Geometric Profiles and Tesselations with Latern








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