The word bijou originates from French meaning jewel and is used in the English language today to describe something small and elegant. Take the time this winter to treat yourself to a little jewel that is sure to bring you comfort and relaxation for many years to come.

As the name suggests, Bijiou Baths are the ultimate combination of elegance and innovation with smooth curves that stylistically compliment the modern bathroom. After a long and stressful day, there is nothing better than to climb into a warm bubble bath.  

The Bijiou bath collection is entirely inspired by modern people and at the heart of sophisticated bathroom concepts. Not only setting new standards in bathroom design but in durable quality as well.

This black and white Bijiou Savoy bath brings with it subtle sexiness and bold lines that will personify your personality.

Bijiou Savoy
While the Bijiou Toulouse bath in only white will provide your bathroom with a more classic elegance that is absolutely timeless no matter what trends come around.
Bijiou Toulouse

Looking for something more luxurious? If you are big on reading for hours on end in bubbles baths then you need to get your hands on the Bijiou Avignon which is higher and wider on one end to provide you with endless comfort!
Bijiou Avignon
If you need to square off your bathroom, this Bijou Caen bath keeps it square but with a bit more flare.

Bijiou Caen
Visit a Tiletoria near you for specials on selected Bijiou baths, while stocks last! Or simply shop now if you have already made up your mind!


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