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The benefits of laminate flooring extend past just having a stylish home floor. Laminate flooring is extra resilient, easy to maintain and clean, more affordable than wooden flooring and most importantly, it’s easy to install!  

Take our Tiletutorial tips on how to install laminate flooring:

  1. Ensure that the subfloor for laying down your laminate flooring is level. To compensate for floor level inconsistencies, you can sand down wooden substrate or make use of a filler such as cement screed, and don’t forget to sweep the floor clean of any debris. Be certain of the number of rows and panels that will fit along the length of the wall and always lay down panels lengthwise in relation to the main light source.How to install a laminate floor - level floor
  2. Acclimate the laminate flooring prior to installing it. Leave your laminate flooring in the middle of the room that it is to be installed in for between two to four days.
  3. Panels should be laid from the top left corner of a room with the ridge facing the wall. For extra protection of your laminated flooring boards, you can lay down a plastic lining moisture barrier and foam floor padding, ensure that you securely fasten the pieces together with tape. Check that the foam floor padding does not overlap as this will create inconsistencies in your floor leveling.  How to install a laminate floor - moisture prevention
  4. Connect the panels securely using a tapping block and a hammer or alternatively a rubber mallet. This ensures that the joints are tightly connected.How to install a laminate floor - tapping block and hammer
  5. Spacers should be placed between the wall and the board during installation. You can either buy or make spacers. These should be L-shaped pieces that maintain the same space
  6. To begin the second row, but the first panel shorter to offset the joints. Place the second-row panel ridge into the groove of the first row panel at a 15-degree angle and lay down. If you battle to insert the second row into the first you can use a tapping block and hammer or rubber mallet.How to install a laminate floor - second row of laminate
  7. Ensure that expansion gaps are included and correct. There should always be an expansion gap at the doorway of the room. If your room is longer than 12 metres and wider than 8 metres intermediate expansion gaps should be included.  
  8. Fill any spaces that remain on the floor with cuttings from leftover panels. Measure, mark and cut panels to the correct size for the uncovered space. Once the whole floor is covered remove the spacers.How to install a laminate floor - fill in the gaps
  9. Finishing off your floor. Cover expansion gaps with trims and skirtings. These should be firmly fixed to the wall and not to the floor.How to install a laminate floor - skirting
  10. Don’t forget to do the door. Measure how much height you have to work with against the door frame. Mark the height on the door frame itself and saw the doorframe away so that the panel can be easily pushed

For all your laminate flooring needs, Tiletoria has a new range of laminate flooring available for you! Visit your nearest branch to get your hands on our amazing laminate flooring range and for any advice that you may need on the installation.

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