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Traditional brassware has been relatively limited to silver and chrome, and, while chrome has remained at the top of sophisticated interior design trends, there has been a serious surge in matt black taps. Here are just a few reasons why black is the brassware to have!

Simple doesn’t mean Simplistic

Adding a black tap to a minimalist interior look can create a striking feature in any room of your house! Black taps work particularly well against white walls, contrasting neutral background, industrial-type materials including concrete and metals, as well as various timber tones.


Marvel at Black and Marble

While black goes with anything (the general rule in any application, from clothes to interior design), black taps add an additional splash of class and sophistication when matched with marble.  The taps can help to highlight those darker veins within the marble.



Suitable for ALL Applications

Ultimately, no matter what your style or application you are looking at, black taps create a chic, timeless and classic look that everyone will adore! Whether for use in commercial or residential applications, black taps are easy to maintain. Because most black taps are made with an electroplated finish, this provides durability and resistance to watermarks, fingerprints as well as wear and tear!

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