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Thinking about tapping out of water wastage? Given South Africa’s current water crises, whether you are building from scratch, renovating or just looking to save water, one inexpensive way of reducing water usage is by using low-flow taps or shower heads.

Smart bathroom choices, such as installing the right features and fittings, can have an impact on whether your bathroom looks and functions the way you need it to. Luckily, Tiletoria stocks a vast range of water reducing H2Flo products. Because who wouldn’t want bathroom fittings of superior quality, durability, and functionality – without depleting your budget or South Africa’s water resources.

What is a flow rate?  

The flow rate from a tap or shower head is the amount of water that flows through at a time.

According to Cape Town Green Map, the average shower uses about 22 litres of water each minute! Low-flow shower heads deliver less than half that amount per minute.

How it Works

Under pressure, low-flow taps and shower heads restrict the amount of water that flows out of the tap or shower head. Water travels through an opening of about 5 mm and is forced into a small turbulence chamber where it is broken up into a million tiny droplets. This saves up to 50% of your water usage as well as reduces electricity consumption used to heat water.

Saving Water

While implementing water saving techniques seems like a costly endeavour, there are other ways that you can reduce your water usage. Apart from installing low-flow fittings, here are some tips that you could implement;

  • Regular maintenance of your plumbing system ensures that faulty pressure valves or leaking taps and pipes are noticed before the point of bursting. Faulty pressure or safety valves can lead to water losses of between five and ten litres per day!
  • Implement water saving cartridges on mixer taps or water reducing aerators on regular taps.
  • Installing greywater tanks for waste pipes will also contribute to wise water consumption.
  • While walking in and around your home keep an eye out for any visible leaks on taps, pipes, or overflow valves.
  • Request the council in your area to install a restrictor valve on your main water supply. This regulates how much water is being used and if there is a burst pipe or geyser, your water will automatically be shut down.
  • When building from the ground up ensure that geysers and pipes are installed where they will be maintenance friendly in order to minimize damage. The majority of leaks cause extreme wastage before the problem has been noticed.

Want to become a water warrior?  Start at Tiletoria and ask one of our knowledgeable sales consultants for our range of low-flow taps and shower heads to use in your next project!

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