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We all want our home to make a statement and to reflect our own internal quirkiness. The reigning trend has been centered around streamlining the look of our homes and maintaining neutral matching colours, however,  a rising trend within the home design space is including aspects that stand out as you look across your well-organised and streamlined home.

While some homeowners prefer to introduce colourful, patterned scatter cushions across their neutral home setting, you could take it a step further, by including statement tiles within the architecture of your home.

Varese Multicoloured CAA Porcelain Tiles

Statement tiles, as the name suggests, are patterned tiles that you can use in certain areas of your home to liven up your environment while keeping the striking, elegant and chic look that you strive to achieve.

Here are some ways that you could introduce statement tiles into your home:

By adding patterned tiles to only the floor of a room, it creates a dynamic, yet clean look.If your bathroom has a two-tone theme try retiling the floor with two or three-toned pattern tiles that match your colour scheme. For instance, if you want a black and white themed bathroom, these Varese Black and White CAD porcelain tiles are a perfect match.

Varese Black & White CAD Porcelain Tiles

Remember: If you use busy tiles on your floor, ensure that the rest of your bathroom design is simple and neutral.

If you are striving for a bolder contrast, try retiling one section of a wall in a room by introducing contrasting patterned tiles with extreme colours into a neutral environment. 

These Varese Multicoloured CAA porcelain tiles add another dimension and splash of colour to your home, where neutral elegance meets bohemian colour extravaganza.

Varese Cenere CAA Porcelain Tiles

Remember: When making use of extreme colour contrast tiles, ensure that the area that you choose is not too large that it overpowers the rest of the look of the room, but also not so small that it looks like an accident.

However, if you are searching for something more subtle, try making use of patterned tiles that are more simple and understated to make your statement. You can also use them to highlight a particular feature in your home, such as around the fireplace, tile your kitchen counter, or simply re-tile one area on your floor. 

These Varese Grigio CAB porcelain tiles provide the ultimate in making an understated statement.

Varese Grigio CAB Porcelain Tiles

Home interior with fireplace and sofas 3D rendering

Remember: When adding a more subtle statement tile, you can mix and match other subtle elements into the room to create multiple areas of focus. Adding pastel colours to neutral colours creates an exquisite look! 

Shop now to make the statement that you have always wanted your home to make.

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